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Professional Voice Recordings

Media Sound specialise in the recording of quality voiceovers for audio productions. We have partnered with some of the most talented voice actors in Australia, and our library consists of men, women and children, all of whom can perform a range of styles.

Experienced Voice Artists / Actors

Most of our voice talent has extensive experence in the Australian broadcast industry, with many of them also having trained in acting and public speaking as well. Sydney Voiceover Artists

Finding a Voice Artist

Our professional team of copywriters and audio engineers will be more than happy to assess your script, and find a voice artist to suit your brand and ultimately your production.

Alternatively, you and your team are welcome to listen to our large database of demonstrations in our voice artist library, and once you have found the voice for your production, then please let us know and we will get your script into production.

Media Sound offer the complete audio production package, and we are renowned throughout Australia for our quality voice artists and recordings.

Recent Voice Over and Audio Projects

Client: Piara Central
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 8

Media Sound added its touch for the latest ‘Piara Central’ commercial. The voiceover artist chosen was Female Talent 8. Once the voiceover was recorded we laid down the sound effects and music to match the vision supplied.

Client: Fuji Xerox
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 12

Media Sound recently recorded and produced the latest on hold messages for Fuji Xerox Australia. Female Talent 12 was the voice over artist chosen for the recording session.

Client: Quickslim
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 13

Female voice over artist 13 was booked and recorded for the latest Quickslim television commercial.


Client: Citibank
Voice Talent: Male Voice Artist 2
Media Sound's Male Voice Talent 2 was recently chosen to voice the latest Citibank commercial. This television production has been aired nationally around Australia. The voice recording added the professional touch to the project.


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Music Library

Media Sound is a professional audio recording company specialising in the recording of voice over artists for use in Radio Commercials, Television Commercials, Corporate Videos, Real Estate Videos, YouTube, Telephone Messages On Hold, Instore Sound and Instore Music and any other media were professional sound recording s are required.